Beware of Germs in your Car

Why You Should Beware of the Germs in Your Car?

We noticed some newspaper articles online from the press arising out of a survey that was done for B&Q about car hygiene.

Dr Ron Cutler, director of biomedical science at Queen Mary University, London, said: “While most of the bacteria were unlikely to cause health problems, some cars were found to play host to a number of potentially harmful bacterial species.

Beware of the Germs in Your Car?

Beware of the Germs in Your Car?

‘What can you do about it?’

Cars and Vehicles can be awkward to sanitise fully because if you think about it there are nooks and crannies and all sorts of surfaces you contact with your hands.

Our Vardar Foggers are tailor-made to sanitise your CAR OR VEHICLE -TRUCK-SERVICE VEHICLE, and it is simple to use as well.

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