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Avoiding a Norovirus outbreak in your Hotel?


It’s that time of year for Norovirus or the winter vomiting bug to strike.

‘The media in recent months has been full of news about outbreaks from schools, hotels,  restaurants and hospitals.’

People who get this infection’s horrible gut-wrenching nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting are often angry at establishments because they can think “X Restaurant or Hotel gave it to me”

‘Unfortunately, that can often be an unfair perception as many do not realise just how contagious norovirus is, as it spreads at lightning speed and can be contracted so easily.’ So they could have sourced the infection anywhere – but can you afford to ignore the possibility of an outbreak in your hotel business?

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What a Hotel Can Do to try to prevent a norovirus outbreak?

Yes there may be a limited amount a hotel can do to prevent a single case of norovirus infection starting at their premises, it is possible through specialist products to control and minimise the risk of an outbreak

      Ensure you have a stock of materials on site that can be used to clean up incidents of vomiting and diarrhoea – to effectively kill any germs.
      We would suggest you check out our SaniGuard Spray and Foggers to treat germ hotspots fast and easily or indeed sanitise the entire room.This can be done quickly with either product type making it easy for staff to eradicate sources of potential infection, and it speeds up the cleaning of potential germ hot-spots.

This recent Channel 4 report makes for worrying reading in the context of how prevalent Norovirus and Gastroenteritis are in the UK. The point is it needs to be considered as a risk for any hotel-or accommodation provider.


Staff Training & Awareness?

Hotel staff should be trained to immediately notify management of any instances of sickness or diarrhoea in private rooms and public areas, or about general comments made by residents or guests about feeling ill. In this way, you are likely to be aware of suspected cases at the earliest opportunity.

  • Staff Hand Washing.
  • Encourage good personal hygiene amongst both guests and staff.

Some Steps You Could Take if Illness is reported?


Every Hotel will undoubtedly have their own health and safety policies but it is we would suggest sensible to sanitise the guest bedroom and with our Fogger range this can be achieved in minutes.


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