Killing Public Transport Germs?

Consumers rank the cleanliness and safety of a vehicle or facility as the top two concerns why choosing where to spend their time and money.

Dealing With Public Transport Germs?

Public Transport Germs are a real and present danger. Humans both “love to travel” and “need to travel” and “germs love people” so unfortunately germs and transport are intertwined.

We all use public transport to some degree and many people depend on it to get around.

For those relying on public transport, trains and buses and taxis they can be hotspots for bacteria and viruses. That person sneezing or coughing can allow microscopic droplets of germs to travel into the air and onto surfaces, contaminating those surfaces.

When it comes to many germs and viruses the problem is that they are very contagious.

From outbreaks of the Coronavirus or Norovirus on cruise ships to fears over SARS it seems there is a new health scare every week affecting the travel and transport sectors.

But let’s be sympathetic to our transport providers because it’s not easy to stop the transmission of germs.

Many dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria thrive on hard surfaces from armrests to plastic surfaces, levers and handles and there are so many people using public transport that to guarantee a germ-free environment is impossible.

Plus to properly try to clean and disinfect the interiors of public service vehicles is problematical because of the variety of surfaces coupled with all of the nooks and crannies.

It is possible however for public transport operators to take steps that are meaningful in helping to fight germs and bacteria and reducing the risks of infection for staff and passengers!

  • Foggers can help sanitise public transport vehicles by killing 99.9999% of germs and viruses without washing or scrubbing required.
  • With a Fogger it is possible to kill viruses and germs lurking in nooks and crannies as well as all of the surfaces.

Using Public Transportation Increases Risk of Developing a Respiratory Infection, Scientists Say

Source: Web MD

Keeping Drivers Healthy

Staff out of work through illness is a nightmare for any transport operator. We have a range of Vardar Foggers that are especially suited towards sanitising vehicle interiors and surfaces. They are easy to use and could make the difference between a driver contracting an illness or not so check out the Vardar page for more information.

For Taxi Owners-Private Car Owners – Transport Companies – Rental Car Companies CHECK OUT our Vardar Foggers which are especially suitable for any vehicle type, sanitising germs in those hard to reach places.


Save Time Killing Public Transport Germs

To properly sanitise the interiors of buses, trains or even airplanes is no easy task BUT :

SaniGuard products are a world’s first dry on contact, dual-action sanitiser and deodoriser available as both a Total Release Fogger and a Surface Spray, both safe for use on electronic equipment and fabrics.

There’s no need to wipe surfaces after use, as SaniGuard leaves behind no residue.

The simple fact is that what can be a complex task doesn’t have to be -Saving public transport operators both TIME and MONEY!

By Oliver Canty

By Oliver Canty

CEO at IC Solutions 24/7 Limited who are “International Specialists in decontamination, whole room disinfection and mould remediation” serving clients across a range of sectors from the NHS to Hospitals to the business sector at large