Simple Way To Disinfect Your Home Office

Simple Way To Disinfect Your Home Office Surfaces:Lots of people now work from home  and the World Economic Forum on a recent post headlined- “Working from home was a luxury for the relatively affluent before coronavirus – not any more”.

The CDC recommend to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched often.

The point is that huge numbers of people now work at home from their home office and in these times home hygiene is a critical consideration in that office.

  • Are you actually aware of germs and viruses that could be lurking right now in your home office on all sorts of surfaces?
  • How many of us actually properly sanitise our home office area thoroughly?
  • How often do we sanitise our PC equipment or laptops or touchscreens?
  • Do you eat meals sitting at your PC or laptop- leading to the growth of other germs?

The reality is that many people may do a bit of a cleanup now and again in their home office, maybe wipe the desk-hoover the room-maybe tidy papers but forget to deep clean AND DISINFECT commonly touched surfaces!.

Everyone must be prepared to take sensible precautions to protect themselves and family from the coronavirus, or indeed other bacteria.Want A simple way to sanitise your home office eliminating germs and viruses including COVID19.


Prevention of many viruses can be difficult because a virus can attach itself to High contact surfaces in any home office that are frequently touched such as keyboards, computer mice, TV Remotes, touchscreens- all of which should all get particular effective cleaning attention.

What can you do, to effectively sanitise your home office?


We recommend you use one of our Saniguard products to disinfect your home office.

The average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, new research reveals

Average workspace has tens of thousands of bacteria

Source: Independent

Our SaniGuard products are EPA approved.

SaniGuard Products are great value considering what they can do for You!Check them out in Our Shop

Evidence suggests that specialist disinfectants such as SaniGuard can “efficiently” inactivate coronaviruses (and several other germs and viruses) within a minute.

Simple Way To Disinfect Your Home Office

The Best Way To Disinfect Your Home Office

Use a SaniGuard Fogger!

Using a Fogger is the most thorough way to sanitise your home office because in a few simple steps a SaniGuard Fogger will sanitise/disinfect everything in your home office in one go with no washing, wiping or drying.

A fogger works in that it emits a dry mist that attaches to everything in the room reaching as well hard to reach nooks and crannies.

And a fogger is perfectly safe to use around electronics because it is dry on contact.

Plus it is safe to use around us humans and our family pets. Check foggers out in Our Shop

Oliver Canty, CEO at IC Solutions 24/7 Limited who are “International Specialists in decontamination, whole room disinfection and mould remediation” serving clients across a range of sectors from the NHS to Hospitals to the business sector at large.

Oliver Canty
CEO, IC Solutions 247

SaniGuard Products are a useful tool to keep all sorts of businesses germ and virus free.

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