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Vardar Valet Fogger & Air Conditioner.


Vardar is a 50ml Total Release Fogger, which allows you to disinfect and deodorise cars and vehicles in just minutes.

Vardar is also the smallest total release fogger available in the UK today, and it is the most powerful too.

Due to its higher concentration, 50ml Vardar can disinfect up to 25 cubic meters in just minutes, whereas other similar products will require a fogger around two times bigger than the Vardar fogger to disinfect the same size area.

This makes Vardar the perfect choice for your car or vehicle valeting needs.

Vardar kills  99.999% of all germs, attacking bad odours at source and its so easy to use!

It is also equipped with a lovely citrus scent to keep the area you have treated smelling clean for weeks!

Vardar 50ml Fogger Bomb

You can use Vardar in any vehicle interior! Cars, Taxis, Ambulances, and more.

The uses for Vardar really are endless.

 Simplicity for vehicle valeting!

 Prices in Our Store Include VAT & Shipping.

MULTI PACK - Vardar 50ml Fogger Bomb (Case of 6)

Disinfect and deodorise your car, truck, or any vehicle, in the click of a button? 

It’s easy with Vardar.

Great Value, Don’t run out.

 Prices in Our Store Include VAT & Shipping.

Vardar Foggers

This short video demonstrates how easy the fogger is to use:

  • In any car
  • Truck
  • Taxi
  • Or basically any vehicle!.

” We love the Vardar fogger it’s so small to keep stored away but powerful enough to sanitise the ambulance. And the scent reassures the staff we have been using them”

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SaniGuard Europe is an online arm of IC Solutions 24/7 Limited which was formed in 2010 to bring the latest Infection Control products and services to discerning customers across Europe and beyond. We are an organisation that provides value for money, rapid, easy to use and safe products for whole room disinfection.

We primarily supply both private and NHS hospitals, Laboratories, Pharma and the Food Industry.